Hi Guys,

This is my first post and im in need of some help. Ive recently completed a short film shot on REDMX and a plethera of DSLR cameras (5d,550d,7d, GH1)

Im trying to create a DCP for our film but our grader insists everything must be scaled down to 1080 HD for the image sequence. As you can imagine, Id love to have a 2k finish for the film as I shot over 70%of it on the REDMX camera at 4.5k. 1080 seems a major falloff for me, especially since were aiming for alot of cinema runs in festivals and we would like to retain as much quality as possible.

Do people know if the dslr cameras will 'Scale up' to 2k? If not then the RED footage will have to be scaled up to 2k for the jpeg2000 which the DCP will create, That seems rather backwards to me. Scaling up twice to 2k after we shot at 4k to begin with!? Also I know alot of feature films are using dslr so they must scale them up for their finished product.

I need to know if anyone has made a DCP with RED AND DSLR before using DiVinci and if I can achieve an Image sequence using DiVinci for TIFFS at 2k.

If you want want some technical knowledge to help here it is:

Ratio: 2:35:1
Resolution 4.5k, 2k (slow motion) and 1080p

We need help rather urgently as our grade is scheduled for one weeks time, so advice would be helpful.