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    M2 Encore....
    Hi, I am looking to jump from DSLRs to 35 adapters (a little backwards, I know). I found a decent deal on the M2 Encore (just the unit). It is a DSLR nikon mount - dumb question but I assume I can use any lens in the future (Contax Zeiss and PL mount particularly) with the right adapter, correct? Also, in addition to the flip and a rail system/step up/down rings, is there any other components I will need?




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    also should point out that this is primarily for the HMC150


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    Redrock has mounting rings available for most lenses (the preferred option). Regular adapters will work too within the same limitations as for DSLR cameras - that is I don't think you can get an adapter to mount a Canon on a Nikon F mount but you can get an adapter ring to mount a Nikon Lens on a Canon mount (could be the other way round but think I got that right). Something to do with distance between the lens and the screen. The better option is to get a mounting ring from redrock. Pretty sure they had a PL mount, check their site and all will be revealed!


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