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    Prime vs. Telephoto Lenses
    Using the Brevis (with the HPX170), which should i go for? Prime or Telephoto Lenses?

    I'm thinking telephoto lenses would be good because I will be able to have a full body shot with the background out of focus...but I think I just read something about the image with a telephoto lense being dark and/or distorted?


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    Prime vs Zoom. Telephoto can be either prime or zoom, Telephoto just refers to longer focal lengths. Primes will be "faster", meaning a lower/wider aperature. Usually, the max aperature you will get on a zoom is around a f2.8, whereas some primes go as wide as f1.2, even f1. "The background out of focus" is accomplished by how wide your aperature is, the type of sensor being used in your camera, and your focal legth vs. focal point vs. focal distance.

    Zooms are easier as you don't have to change lenses as often. Primes are cheaper than zooms. But you'll have to buy more of them to cover the same focal range.
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    Thanks so much, I understand now! I'm going to try a 100 - 300mm 1:5.6 zoom lens.


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