Just finished a segment of a wedding. The sister of the bride performance a song. I obtained a copy of the lyrics and displayed as closed captioning on YouTube (Vimeo as of today still doesn't support closed captioning).

Make sure click on the "CC" icon to display the closed captioning

There is tools to generate closed captioning file. What I did was done without any additional software. The closed captioning is prepared by scrubbing the timeline in Premiere. Then clicked on the Preview window to copy the timecode to Excel spreadsheet. Then using the Excel REPLACE FUNCTION to convert Premiere's Timecode format to YouTube Timecode.

Premiere Timecode code
00;00;30;00 00;00;33;04 When I think about the days,

YouTube Timecode code
00:00:30,00 00:00:33,04 When I think about the days,

Thus, the Excel REPLACE function is used to convert the format. For example, the cell in A1 can be converted from Premiere Timecode to YouTube timecode like this

REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(A1, 3, 1, ":"),6,1,":"),9,1,",")

The last step is to generate the YouTube text script file from the Excel sheet.

00:00:30,00 --> 00:00:33,04
When I think about the days,

00:00:33,10 --> 00:00:36,13
In the Minnesota haze.

00:00:36,25 --> 00:00:40,16
Snowmen and snowball fights.

00:00:40,09 --> 00:00:43,16
Bundled up for the freezing nights.

You can read more on the process in my blog A Sweet Performance by the Sister of the Bride | L.A. Color Blog