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    Call this blatant, shameless advertising, but I'm also genuinely asking this because I realize a lot of problems come up more than they should. Despite the numerous stickies, repeated answers, and of course, Google, many solutions for encoding troubles are often found on page 316 of a thread that is two years old. How is one supposed to easily find this? My website, which admittedly is used as a demo page for myself, also serves as a blog for film related technicalities, or at least I'd like it to be. For some time now, I've posted a few lengthy solutions here on DVXUser to some very specific problems, but at the same time, I see classics rear their heads all the time (Quicktime H.264 gamma still comes up).

    So with that said, my question is simply this: What common problems do you think should be addressed? I don't know every answer, but answering these gives me motivation to research and compile easier answers for everyone, and quite frankly, it's exactly what I'd love to write about. Fire away.


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    My issue is probably pretty common, RX782.!


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