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    It's a little dark but otherwise has a nice bokeh from what I can see there and the colour is nice. This is the sort of distance from subject that the tele is ideal for. Shorter tele lengths can work well with close ups and medium 'portrait' type shots. Your adapter looks misaligned by the off-centre vignetting (brighter centre of the image). Take some test footage of a stationary geometric object like the front of a house or better yet someone standing in front of a house and record zooming all the way in and all the way out. This will show you the distortion at the extremes and the range in the middle that is distortion free. Some lenses use extra elements to correct for this distortion so it may not be that bad. And it can be used creatively once you know what to expect. Also compare to footage with your primes and note the difference the of the faster lens. Primes typically have less elements which results in minimal distortion and less light loss. This kind of technical experimentation is what will not only give you an idea of the next lens to buy but also increase your creative options by learning the characteristics of your tools. Have fun!


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    Thanks so much for all the advice and feedback James, it was extremely helpful in choosing a lens!!


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