Alrighty, here's my review. As always, if you haven't seen this yet, don't carry on any further:

What I liked: Lighting was pretty good for the most part. Audio worked for me too. Those are two small points, but they make up most of what can ruin a video, and I think you did well on those. Pretty solid delivery from your actors, as well. A little over the top, but I think it needed to be in this short. I loved the Christmas' past scenes, but would like to have seen a little contrast on coloring to show me it's not current. It was explained well, but that difference really helps (like lowering the Saturation to about 75%).

What I didn't like as much: Your opening shots were well lit, but the hand held motion really pulled me from it. Slider shots there would have really pulled me in from the first frames. Also, the text moved in weird. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be tracked or not, but I think it would have worked better simply fading in/out. When the older brother was in the kitchen with the friend, it sounds like the AC or Heat was on. It's really noticeable cutting to the other shot. A lot of the kitchen stuff was orange, too. I wasn't a fan of the Santa depiction in all honesty. It seemed to forced that we weren't supposed to see him.

Favorite part: The memory scene of Christmas' past.