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    Music Video Help!
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    Hi All! I recently produced a music video for a local 14 year old country singer named Leah Burkey. Anyways, this was my first time setting up some lighting for a shoot. The lights used were one Lowell Tota 650 watt and two lights both 150watt with a purple gel and a diffuser on the other. We used a Z96 for the backlight of Leah. With that being said, any tips and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I know some of the shots aren't lit well due to the light placement. If you are interested, the video is shot with a Sony FS100 and a Canon T3i! The video is not final as there is some more color grading to occur!

    Here is the video! The Password is Leah

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    that was A class excellente! you did a good job! you rock!
    song is 4 minutes - you probably could use a third scenario to intercut with the footage you have would be my suggestion
    she is a star and so are you

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