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    CP is the abbreviation for Custom Picture files - the settings files on Canon XF100 and XF300 series cameras that change the "look" of the video captured. You can create custom CP files, and you can give them any name you wish. The names are limited to (I think) 8 characters only, thus the short names.
    Thanks for that, D. The nomenclature threw me -- first of all, when I read something about a "picture file," I always think of still pix, not video. This Custom Picture or CP must be the Canon version of what Panasonic calls Scene Files.

    The 8-digit name limitation sounds like DOS of the 1970s, amazing that in the year 2013 we still have brand new cameras that can only use an 8-digit naming and nothing longer, so it would actually make some sense for the users. Same with the Panasnonics.

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    I just wanted to check if you my have developed some better solutions. Also, I would be very interested to hear your experience and comments on the CP's that were offered you on this thread. I'm just beginning my CP journey. In addition, have you developed a log type (a setting that provides the most information for post development) CP. Thank you for any comments.

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    Brian, I'm very late to the party, I know, but I recently bought an XF100, and I've downloaded your Custom Picture files, and I have a question, if I may.

    When I unzipped the downloads, I got a folder called C_PICT, and inside that folder were three files called CPICT201, CPICT 202, and CPICT203. I went ahead and copied them to my SD card and then transferred them to camera. But the names that you've given them don't appear. They just show up as PRESET A, or B, or C, etc etc.

    What am I doing wrong?


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