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    Quote Originally Posted by New_Zealand View Post
    Hey Ryan where did you pick your 5d up from? I was looking at some but they wanted $2500 body only. Also if you don't mind saying why the switch from the 7d to 5d? I have been thinking of the 60d due to price. Thanks
    I bought it off of another guy from the marketplace of this photo forum site:

    Great site and a fantastic marketplace with the ability to acquire feedback to protect buyers/sellers. A lot of people selling at lower than market prices there too for quick sales. You have to stay on top of it though, most good price listings sell within a couple of hours.

    The 5D2 is going for $1999 in Canada brand new all day long at various authorized sellers... and on amazon right now it's going for $2370. No idea why Canada's getting a better deal than us, but I'm guessing we'll see it too.

    I'm not switching from the 7D to 5D, I'm adding it. I've been totally content with my 7D for video purposes, but not for photos, and I've been doing more and more photography as of late. That's my main reason for picking up the 5.

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    5d's are available canon refurbished for $2000

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    If you still have the body the Customer Loyalty Program offers refurbished 5D Mark II for $1679.20.

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