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    Whispers are too quiet. Color is little warm. I didn't get the time lapse. So she woke up in dark - they left her asleep in the library?
    Odd cut from library to pipes. She doesn't seem that disturbed for tele-transporting. Even with the funny noises from the dark she still isn't running.
    Okay she screamed when grabbed. She doesn't notice the blood on her shirt? She isn't running a 3 minute mile out? Okay - Axe murderer almost to her -
    now she runs. Lets see some panic. Guy grabs her - now she is panicking! Sheesh I'd thought they might have to kill her first. A dream - cool.
    Not sure why the bad guys phone rang . Not bad. Needs more story. Like why? Acting was good. Cine/Lighting pretty good. Good job.

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    The dialogues are to low, so that's why you got lot of noise.... The sound was directly on camera ?

    Other raisons for the "noisy" sound could be: - booming from to far, bad pre-amps and actors not speaking loud enough.

    And this last one is what I think the "main raison" is. Your actors have to "speak loud"... Even in whispering scenes they have to give there voice a....voice.

    Actors (well, good ones, or those who wants to be good) can speak in such a way they give voice, are understandable and yet they give a "whispering" feeling.

    She fells asleep...nice...she wakes up... Better would have been "lights go out" (in real time, going out).

    She wants to know the time...It was not necessarily to show it to us, because we know it's just late. So that's good. But still...I wanted to know the time just for myself :-p

    You have some nice shots in it.

    Realy good you kept it quiet and then suddenly the "creack, hinch, squack, turning something, plumb, tube, metal, scrape" sound. (choose one :-p). It's by having quiet moments that sounds that are stupid, simple makes you scare.

    4:40, the "hard cuts" give a strange....feeling... Was it to show something ? Or just for fun ? Or does it fit in the story ?

    I think the girl just likes to scream :-p....

    Nice shots and good way you found to go from the "long hair guy" to the "short hair guy"

    Very good ending.

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    I enjoyed this! got me all tensed up. great fast paced editing and camera work! love your poster too. great work!
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    Props for using library. Thumbs down for having the "I'm all alone in the library" scenario. I agree with the silhouette, that was a nice shot. Do I really understand what the story was about? Not really. It was more a scare film without plot. With a little more originality it might have gone somewhere.

    Again, kudos on location and some nice angles on filming. Story, not so much.
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    We want to thank you all for your honest feedback. It has been great hearing everyone's opinions -- we are, after all, here to learn! .. As a lot of you have pointed out, we did have a lot of problems with the sound; some of it was due to the technical limitations that were caused by the fact that we had to use the school equipment -- Anyway, it has made us smarter and hopefully we'll be able to do a better job on our next project.

    I have updated the top post of this thread with a short teaser for our film -- a bit late, I know. Doing this was also a part of our school assignment.


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    I think Michael picked up on this - which is that this film is actually kicking ass in the 'scare' department, and shows a sophistication of sound design, editing, cinematography and on screen action (on a peanuts budget) that actually pulls off what no other film manages (i think anyway!!!) which is to actually create TENSION!



    Of course the story in this type of setup excuses itself from some relevance - she's dreaming it (or is she?) who knows - who cares? See I think some filmmakers here can forget (with their empirical comparisons) that whether or not exposition is of importance - depends on the story and how it is presented.

    This film sets itself up in effect to be like a rollercoaster ride, and excuses itself from requiring exposition to make sense (on the negative side it negates story but again its a sacrifice that has been consciously made here.)

    So, because this film lacks some of the superficial bells and whistles that we come to expect of some entries i don't think it will poll as well as it should. After all it looks simple - yet it very simply manages what no other film seems to in this fest.

    So good work, ive ranked this one alongside AJ, Matt and Shawn's.)
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