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    This one had me a bit confused and I had to watch it a few times to get a take on it. You did a really good job lighting & shooting this one.
    The kids did a great job acting, the biker...he was just o.k. and not as believable. I'll go into detail below.

    Thoughts as I watch:
    - Opening dialogue seems random, just to get the required line out of the way...strange way to start the film.
    - "Sh*t" is totally hard right and threw me...a little off center is fine.
    - ...then he says "relax"? I don't get it...he is relaxed, couldn't be more relaxed. That might be the problem for me right there.
    - It goes on about the 7th mile...haunting...murder... Dad will get us the hotdog. This all makes no sense to me. There's no back story. How did they get there in the first place? Why are they there?
    Who, what, why, where... the first 1:30 of the film could be cut IMHO. I could see this starting with a shot of the kids hands tied up, over to the other kid grabbing the gun out of the bag and go from there.
    - Now another spot that bugged me, as the dad enters, his back is to the scout and he's untied...why didn't he push him then and run? The scout is too relaxed for being kidnapped or whatever.
    - I can't see a thing in the chase scene, just too dark...and you had such great lighting around the fire.
    - Really good score for the chase
    - "Dad...over, I think he got away.".... what? Again, a very strange thing to say if you're letting the kid go...yes?
    - Then, how did the dad find him? And why isn't he any good to them now? You see what I mean? It's just not jiving...
    - Why wouldn't the scout just stab him in the throat when he had the chance?
    - End scene is good, although I don't understand the russian roulette thing....and the kids eyes shift after he shoots and pulls you out of the moment there for a second.
    - Great job on the make-up!

    So... I guess for me, I had too many question for the story to work for me. I hope you understand this is all meant as constructive criticism.

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    Haha. This was pretty good once I got over that opening sequence of dialog. But maybe it was that bit of awkward friendly banter that let me not guess he was a captive. Oh and you showed his brains!
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    I couldn't get into the story itself. Bully dad and son who can't stand up to him. It's not original. I didn't get it. I wasn't interested. It was predictable, part of the problem. While the acting was okay the dialogue really didn't reveal much. I didn't get it.
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    Very cool poster.

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    I think this film had a nice concept/premise going on that struggled a little (first of all because I mistook the boy scout for a state trooper) and his kidnapper for Justin Bieber (the ZZ Top cameo was welcome though!) In fact that particular actor looked the part, but unfortunately we were stuck with the two kids - and while they do their best (and they do a decent enough job) it just...

    it just .... well...

    feels like your watching a film made by 14 year olds (EVEN WHEN IT CLEARLY WAS NOT!)

    This could have been remedied I think had teh scout actor had not been so 'passive and mature' about the whole kidnapping affair. I mean the young dude is a kid? - the biggest fright in his life is facebook crashing or his online porn stash getting stolen by his androgynous emo-rapping friend TQ (i hear thats what all the hip kids are called nowadays...) AAAnyway, there he is, stoic like a Spartan just complaining that halloween sucks with as much fear as an... um... an egg.

    Eggs know no fear. Because their eggs, but had our state trooper been more like a kid, s*%tting his pants a little, and the other dude kidnapping him less metroseuxal, and more ragged dirty bandit/kid kinda look (I didn't say hick) then BANG it would be believable.

    Like ZZ top - he looked BANG ON for the part, its the other kids that looked like they were borrowed from a highschool nativity play!
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    Thanks for the honest feedback. It is much appreciated.

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