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    Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 Hard Drive Setup
    Hi, (sorry if this is in the wrong section or whatever- )

    Anyway, I built a computer designed for video editing around 6 months ago, and now, because of the release of CS5.5, i thought it would be a good idea to upgrade some of its features. One of my main upgrades will be the hard drive setup. I want this to be the optimal setup for AVCHD video editing with Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. At the moment, this is what i'm considering.

    - 1 Corsair 60gb SSD for Windows 7 and all apps
    - Two Western Digital Caviar Blue 250gb drives in raid 0 for scratch disk
    - 1 Samsung F3 1tb For Storage
    - Backup is done over network to two 2tb Seagate Drives
    - Also- should i get another external drive for copying the clips from the camera to



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    Okay, you asked for it.

    1. forget the SSD - your computer and programs start a bit faster, but beyond that there is no speed benefit.
    2. Take the money and get 2 1TB 7000rpm or faster drives as raid
    3. The Samsung is fine, but you may want a 2TB
    4. Network is way to slow for efficient backups - especially when yon really need something back, from the backup quickly. eSsata or -at least - USB3 is in order.

    my ct 2


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    Doing the laptop thing...are there any usb3 external hard drives that actually take full advantage of usb3 yet? I like your
    appraisal of ssd for a system drive too. Usually all you hear is marketing hype.

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    Thanks Postmaster, good stuff there- I think i'll go with that.



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    Here's what I recommend as a minimum for AVCHD.

    C: System and Programs. (An SSD is fine if you have the money, but note that you're better off spending it on the Areca card if you can't afford both.)
    D: Projects/Scratch (1TB)
    E: Media (1TB x 3 in a RAID 3 using an Areca card)
    F: Exports (1TB)
    G: Images (500GB) (from Encore as Masters of your projects)

    With the RAID 3, you get both speed and reliability. You can't 'forget' to backup, the security is built in.

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