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    Used Sony HVR-V1U for $1100 - Should I buy?
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    Hi all,

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used (in good condition) V1U for $1100, with accessories (2 long-life Batteries, an external charger and cables and bag included).

    I have used V1U's before, and I know I like them.

    It is now September 2011, and they are coming up to 5 years old. And on eBay they are no cheaper than $2500 (there are no bid auctions, only Buy-it-now bundles).. because I assume no one would bid on a single camera that old.

    I like to do mostly Interviews and Corporate Videos, sometimes weddings.

    What are your suggestions?

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    If you are concerned about the tape mechanism, check the tape meter in the camera menu - it will tell you how many hours are logged on the heads.
    You can get a firestore or Sony's HDV recorder, or even a HDMI record unit and this camera has all of the pro features. For $1100, a deal IMHO.

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