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    Weisscam T (Working prototype on verge of release at IBC now but where is the info??)
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    Supposedly, Weisscam has their T-1 RAW camera (now a working prototype), at the 2011 IBC. However, I see no footage or mention of it which I find strange. With three derivatives/flavors, one could choose a 2k 2/3 ccd sensor like the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII uses, or you can go for the 35mm 4k or 5k, I forget... But the fact is this camera seems to be on the verge of release and IMO, the best thing at IBC besides the Ikonoskop, and no ones talking. I see Philip Bloom scoping out a 4k 1/2 sensor JVC but not these cameras that actually have a film look rather than a digital misinterpretation of what film does NOT LOOK LIKE. I was hoping someone at IBC is able to get the inside scoop on the Weisscam T. When will it be released? Same or less price as the Ikonskop(2/3rd sensor that is)? Also, if one is so bold to ask Ikonoskop, might they go back to offering their bundle deal (lens, 80gig card, c mount and body for 6950 euro or a little more, say give or take a thousand euro, sometime in the future?) Imo, these cameras are game changers and I really want to hear more about them!


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    I hope I can give you some more informations about the T-1 system since Iīm one of the developers at Weisscam. We presented the first working prototype with a 2/3 CMOS sensor at this yearīs IBC. The preliminary specs are: 600 ASA, up to 350fps, 11 stops contrast range, 12bit RAW and 10bit HD-SDI uncompressed. Some pictures can be found on our Facebook page ( Of course we will do a lot of testing and improving in the near future - main goal is of course to achieve the best image quality possible. We have planned to have some units for beta testing with the beginning of next year. Batch production will start after this stage. More to prices and other products (35mm 4K sensor, recorder) will be released soon...
    If there are any more questions, donīt hestistate so ask!


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