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    It was my favorite movie in a while, after being dragged to it by my wife.

    Anya Taylor-Joy, I had only seen her in Split, by M. Night Shyamalan. With a striking face and sharp acting, I think we'll be seeing more and more of her. And I had never heard of Johnny Flynn. Now I'm a fan.

    The trailer gave a vibe that the interpretation would be irreverant or avante garde or something, and I was on my guard the whole time. But it turned out to be downright wholesome. I want to watch again now that I know I can relax. I guess the fresh take on it is that it plays up the funniness. But to modern audiences, Jane Austen + extra funny = normal.

    You should know that I'm not a Jane Austen fan. I actually tried to listen to the audiobook afterward, and I quit after 15 minutes. There must be something about the story, though, because I also enjoyed the 2009 movie. It's fun. You don't even have to set it in Beverly Hills like they did in Clueless (based on Emma, if you didn't know). My point is, I'm a normal person, I liked this movie, and you can too!

    Good grief, I even found myself admiring the costumes, which normally pass under my nose. They were by Alexandra Byrne, who has been nominated for 5 Oscars, so I guess she's good.

    The director, Autumn de Wilde, directed music videos. This is her feature debut.

    I hesitated to recommend it yet because it's still in the theater, and who would dare go there? But today I read that Universal is releasing this early to video along with a few other movies. They say you will be able to rent it for $20 --- and get over yourself, Universal!
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    Thanks CT! I'm looking forward to seeing this. Let say, though, that the book is great...however, I can see how an audiobook version might come off as reallly arch and archaic. Maybe give a text version a chance?

    Also, last night my wife and I were talking about the planned $20 rental fee. While silly, that's about the same as two theater tickets. So I'm cutting them a little slack on that.... However, it will make me more selective about what I decide to watch.
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