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    Best codec for Masters?
    I've always used the animation codec because it is reportedly the best codec for any master that includes motion graphics that uses an alpha channel. Having said that, is everyone just mastering to ProRes (either 422 or 422 HD) on any content that is not motion graphics? I'd like to start storing my master files all in ProRes and just keep the animation for graphics. Does this sound like a good idea? What do you do? Animation is a killer for hard disk free space and please note, that the purpose of my question is for storage. I intend to edit on these files only in the remote chance that the client comes back after a few months/years to make an edit.


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    i use Avid DNxHD, similar to ProRes but can be used in Windows too, plus it's free
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    Neither ProRes nor DNxHD are lossless codecs.

    I prefer the free and lossless UT codec myself. The free and lossless Lagarith codec is also a good choice. Both should compress smaller than the Animation codec, especially in YUV mode.


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    Yeah I use Lagarith codec too


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    DNxHD if I'm cutting on Avid. ProRes if I'm cutting on Final Cut.


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