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    Cinepack v 512Kb MPEG4
    I'm downloading a film from There are options. Cinepack (981mb) or 512kb mpeg4 (424mb).

    Is the Cinepack necessarily better quality than the mpeg4?

    (I'm supposing MPEG Streamclip or some other app I have can do the transition to .mov.)

    l mr


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    download both and do a side by side.


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    Cinepak is very old and inefficient. MPEG4 is the better option.


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    The question wasn't around which is a better codec it was about which compression is better since the cinepak option is twice the file size as the MPEG4. Even if there was an equation that MPEG4 is 4x as effecient as cinepak, the bottom line is that if you want to know which compression is better you have to download both and compare since there are a lot of factors involved when choosing compression settings.


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