Part of my vacation was in Lava Beds National Park in Northern California. You would think that a place like this would be packed with people, but most have never heard of the place and there are only a limited number of people in the park at any time. Lava Beds is best know for their Lava Caves. There are more lava caves in this area than any other part of the world, around 700+ caves.

The video was edited as a low key pitch to the producers of the TV Show, MOTION, to encourage them to shoot a show there. In editing the video, I chose to show that Lava Beds, and the Lake Tule area, offer more than just a bunch of caves.

The one part that bugs me about the video is the fact that I had to shoot it 100% hand held. I had purchased a light weight tripod one day before leaving, but failed to test it. It turns out that the mount for the camera looked OK, but was the wrong mount and would not hold the camera. Foolishly, I did not test the tripod and found out on the trip. The camera store refunded the money, but had I known before leaving, I would have taken my mono-pod or my heavy tripod. (Live and learn.)

There is a second video, I'm now working on, that will have a lot more footage of the caves. Overall, the HMC40 and my VidLED light did OK in the caves. We also used an 8 D Cell Florescent Latern as a second light. In the smaller caves, there was more than enough light, but the larger caves proved to be a challenge for this lighting set-up. The area was so large, than even +24dB of gain and 1/15 of a second shutter was not enough to get as good image as I would have liked.

Bob Diaz