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    7 Films in 7 Weeks
    Hey, Folks. Eager to cultivate my craft and voice as a filmmaker, I self-initiated a project where I make one film per week in seven consecutive weeks.

    It began on July 7th, so the first film is done, which I shot with my DVX100A! I still use and love the camera and will be using is again on my next, the second film...

    Please check out the film below; it's only 6.5 minutes


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    I think that's a great idea to learn and improve your craft. I somehow lack the time and discipline to do that but I'm very curious to see your work improve films after films. This one is very nice I really liked the first shot, the idea of a visual poem is also very nice, I'm tryng to go in this direction too, putting words, emotions in images, deconstructing the heavy infrastructure of the film concept.
    Good luck for your marathon.

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    Impressive start. Looking forward to the next installments.

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    I just watched your 7 films.
    great work !
    what kind of dof-adaptor did you use?
    if it's a DIY, can you please tell me how you made it?

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