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    My DIY shoulder rig
    I just finished the basic body and design of my shoulder rig.
    Its not completely put together, and still a little in progress, but the idea is completely there.

    I have some bike grips that i didn't put on. I need to cut the bolts holding on the to handle bars. I cant find a wing nut for my counterweight (but i'm looking). And I am still working on a fishing reel follow focus, but i haven't made a lot of progress because i cant seem to find good parts anywhere. I am also making a matte box based on teddy's design, but i haven't put the mount on it yet. (more pics will come as these come together)

    My design (in my opinion) brings together a lot of the best things in different shoulder rigs that i have seen in my research when doing this project. You can take it apart easily, and all the parts can slide on the standard 15mm rails (spaced 60mm apart of course). The shoulder pad is shaped in such a way that i can pull the rig into my body, and the tension between my chest and my arms will give a very steady shot, and as you see the length of the shoulder pad is long so different people with different comfort zones can use it. Also you can see I attached a small camera bag on the back which will act as a counter weight, and really i think it is one of my better ideas (i didn't see that anywhere else really). I can hold 2 lenses for shooting, as well as batteries, cables filters, etc... and when it is full, it really acts as a suitable counterweight, not to mention how useful it will be on shoot to have these things right next to you at all times.

    I was going to make a z-bar raised shoulder rig at first, but with the battery grip and the think foam for the shoulder pad, the screen sits right at eye level. I made a DIY loupe/viewfinder and it sits right where my eye is, without having to scrunch or move nearly at all. Also, i made it so you can take the main camera base off the rig, but keep the mid sized 15mm rods, and when i have a matte box and a follow focus, i will be able to mount that all on a tripod, thanks to my quick release plate on the bottom of my camera base.

    I feel like it is built pretty solid, and i would def like some advice and feedback. I hope you enjoy, and i hope i inspired some of you on your design.


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    Get some foam grips, you'll appreciate them.
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    I have some rubber ones. I think it will be better when things get sweaty, so i can maintain grip :]

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    very nice! Better then a lot of diy rigs I see.

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