I own two of the Vinten 3AS tripod heads. I am selling the one that I have never used.

I am very happy with the one that I do use. This is not a cheap head that settles after a tilt or keeps moving after a pan. Once you balance the payload and adjust the counterbalance system, it is possible (depending on payload) to achieve perfect balance through +- 90 degree tilts/pan combinations. This head will stop your camera where you want it with no drifting after the fact, even when your camera is at full telephoto. This is a top of the line, quality, professional head that puts others to shame. If you've never used a top tier head, it is an eye opening experience that will improve your tripod camera work.

Also, you can buy vinten springs and increase the payload capability of the 3AS to 20 lbs. I know because I have done this with the other one that I own.


$800. Shipping will be additional.

Here are a couple of reviews of the Vinten 3AS tripod head:



Infinitely adjustable Perfect Balance
LF drag system
Sideload system for rapid camera attachment
Weighs just 2.8 kg / 6.2 lbs*
*including pan bar, camera plate and bowl clamp

Capacity Range:
2.0 to 5.0 kg / 4.4 to 11.0 lbs
Tilt Range:
Ball Base:
75 mm