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    Ae cs5 & fcp
    How do you integrate between FCP and AE CS5? Thanks in advance!

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    The expensive options:
    (these allow you to send FCP sequences to AE)
    -Boris XML Transfer
    -Automatic Duck
    -Premiere Pro CS5 (XML export of a FCP sequence to Premiere, then send the sequence to After Effects)

    Cheap options
    -Render clips from FCP and bring into AE

    Your question is relatively broad. What extent do you want to use FCP and AE together? There are many online tutorials on Youtube, Adobe TV and the such which explain this process.

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    I export from FCP and import it into AE.

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    I have Production Premium CS 5. I could get either 5.5 ($399) upgrade or FCPX ($299). PP CS5 is great for NLE, but NLE is not my thing. I like its tight integration with AE CS5, but FCP seems having better user interface than PP.

    If FCPX can integrate well with AE CS5, I might switch from PP to FCPX. I don't like Apple product... but ProRes codec is good.

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    Hi friends;
    A nice little free script for Final cut, allow to export the edited sequence and import on After Effects, tutorial included. Some limitations apply ;)

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    Thanks for the tips, all good people here.

    I will try out evaluation copy of FCPX. Actually CS 5.5 upgrade option gives instant gratifications such as Warp Stabilization. Either way more products. More fun.

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