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    RUIGE 4.8" LCD with peaking, 1:1, etc.
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    Ran across this:

    It's not SmallHD, TVLogic, etc., but is interesting nevertheless.
    Lots of toys... that I barely know how to turn on

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    Really interesting... HDMI in, HD-SDI out. - Tim
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    I have had this monitor for about a month and am very pleased with it. It is the first and only monitor I have used, so I am certainly no expert but it fills my needs.

    The "Linear Zoom Trigger" is a must. It is the only way to access the peaking feature. The 1:1 view and the peaking allow me to hit spot-on focus easily. This has been a real problem for me before I received the monitor as I have developed very poor eyes for close work over the years. This monitor has solved this problem for me.

    As far as color rendition, the monitor matches color as my eyes see it very well.

    I am a very happy purchaser of this monitor and, btw, their ( service and shipping is excellent. I have placed two orders with them and have received the product on the third day after ordering both times.

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    We have new good deal for this and other Ruige monitors at

    We are not selling them or getting any profit, just provide deals for filmmakers :-)

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    I'm using one of these myself. Coollcd gives really great support and will do anything you demand in terms of shippingmethods, declarations and so on. They respond really fast to any issues or questions. The monitor gives an extremely sharp image, and the peaking function really helps. Actually, the monitor is somewhat to sharp so turning down the sharpness a cpl of steps is a good idea!

    My monitor has some issues with the side knobs. When you turn them one step you expect the value of lets say the brightness to go one step up or down. But sometimes it can go lik 5 steps up or down on one knob, it's like it over sensitive. So that can be really annoying. Also, the manual is worthless when it comes to adjusting image to correct levels, is sais nothing about that, and there are a lot of options to adjust that on this monitor!

    About the issue I have and the warranty, I contacted Hong at coollcd and he said that I could send it back and get a new one, he would pay for all the shipping both ways, that is quite some service! Allthough, since I adjusted the image once and using that adjustment all the time, I'm not touching the knobs or fiddling in the menu. But it can get fiddly if you want to chose what part of the screen you want to zoom in on, as it jumps around all over the screen due to the oversensitivity.

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