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    Sony LPM770BP Active Matrix Portable LCD Monitor (7")
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    Has anyone seen the new Sony LPM770BP Active Matrix Portable LCD Monitor (7") over at Sony.
    How does it compare to Marshall and SmallHD.

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    Interesting enough it doesen't say anything about resolution. Or am I missing something?
    Sanjin Švajger

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    It looks good compared to a touchy, expensive, disposable Marshall.
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    The pdf brochure says the LPM-770BP native resolution is 800 x 480 pixels.

    I'm shopping for a monitor because my Marshall was wrecked when the terminal to the external battery got pulled off, leaving the external charger attached directly to the monitor. Without the battery connected, there is a large AC component on battery chargers. The V-LCD70P (and I suspect all similar Marshall monitors) lack a robust power supply, depending instead on the kindness of strangers--in this case, the external power supply. The swings in voltage fried its main printed circuit board. No fuses, no safeties, all of which would add less than a dollar to the cost of production.

    When returned to Marshall for repair, they wanted 2/3 of the price of a new monitor.

    So they're selling expensive, disposable monitors. I'm not impressed.

    The Sony also has three selectable levels of red peaking. Sounds good.

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