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    V1U 24P Outdoor Lanscape Footage
    It was very bright and windy today, so even though I used a tripod, things weren't ideal, but not bad. The first shot is zoomed all the way out. From there I zoomed in at various distances to as much as 15x on the last shot. I never moved the tripod, so every shot is from the exact same position on the hill looking down. This is a 15 second movie at the highest bitrate Vegas outputs, so it's a little over 100MB in size--basically the exact same as the original. I used no effects. I just cut the footage down to size and rendered it back out. Of course, close-ups and mid-shots always look great, so I wanted to post something at a long distance outdoors, as this is where even HD footage starts to break-up and will show the shortcomings of an HD cam.

    Sony V1U 24P Footage

    And here's one still:

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