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    Recovered AVCHD files turned into jpegs
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    Sorry in advance, I know I shouldn't be posting it on here, but I thought this may be the place where the smart people can help out ^^

    My friend has kindly corrupted the SD card and inside it was very important footages, when trying to recover using normal camera recovery softwares, I only got very large jpeg files that were suppose to be avchd. Since then my card has been overwritten by mistakes so it doesn't contains the files again for the proper recover. However I still have the large jpeg files, is there any possible chance that I can turn the large jpeg files into .mts format ?

    (p.s it was a hacked GH1)

    Please any response would be great cause I really need those footage for my project.

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    It's possible the recovery process simply incorrectly renamed them to jpeg instead of mts. Try renaming them to mts and see if you can read them.
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