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    A fix for HDV dropouts?
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    from the DMN article:

    "What about dropouts on the HDV format? Is it any different than DV?

    Walton: In the HDV progressive system we are using the same track layout as the DV format. There are 10 tracks per frame on DV and each track has an area for video data, audio, and subcode. With HDV , the tape speed is the same, but frames are grouped in to groups of six. Since it’s a six frame GOP, instead of using 10 tracks per frame we’re using 60 tracks per GOP. Critical data is interleaved throughout the entire GOP, so if you had a dropout somewhere—a defect in the tape or piece of dust—the recovery data is more likely not to be affected, and therefore you won’t see a defect in the recording. So, the actual dropout performance of HDV is superior to DV. It’s more robust. "


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    Good news!

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    I think thats marketing
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    I think thats marketing, If this where true Pana would jump on the HDV bandwagon

    There is a reason for DVCPro coming to us all very soon, Pana saw the weakness in HDV and sidestepped it completely, Canon itself is confused if they should even use HDV.

    Problem is company's that already invested money for licensing are mortared into it, give Pana some props.
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