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    This video displays the prowess of the TM900 in low light and very bright light. Use in low light - subterranean NYC (subway, tunnels beneath Grand Central, Grand Central Terminal itself, which is very dim). Fixed shutter 1/60th, manual audio, awb, manual video (iris and shutter) except below ground. Manual exposure was necessary in bright light to avoid overexposure.

    Earth movers, flowers, camermen, Chinese violin, condiments, trains.

    The original, non transcoded file can be downloaded.
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    TM900 & Steadicam Merlin - Best Settings (So Far)
    Here are some much improved settings for flying a TM900 on a Steadicam Merlin. Details at the end of the video and in the notes on the YouTube page linked below. It's still very light/not quite as smooth compared to flying my Canon 7D on the Merlin but I hope that'll improve with practice (I've been flying the 7D for a year now). At least with the TM900 you can fly for a very long time without ANY arm fatigue. Also, see the link on the YouTube page for an additional video test with an extract of this 1080p50 slowed to 1080p25 in post.
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    XLR sound
    I am considering buying the TM900. It seems like it might be the almost perfect camcorder for my needs. I do have one concern. It has a TRS connector (tip, ring, sleeve) audio jack, which means it has unbalanced audio.

    Based on what I've been reading about the built-in mic and also (mysterious) fan noise, I am planning to get an external mic. Because of the unbalanced sound, I would be limited to a short run of cable with the mic mounted on the camera. Something like the Rode video mic. If I want to use a lavaliere mic as well, I guess I'll need to buy something like little juicedlink mixer. I'm starting to carry around a lot of stuff, and spend beyond my budget

    I know I want a flash memory or flash card based camcorder. I would consider buying a used one if it has XLR audio and I can find one in the same price range as a new TM900.

    What are people's thoughts about the audio on this camera, and also, any recommendations for a used pro level camcorder with XLR sound inputs?


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    I've a Rode Videomic Pro on order which I'm hoping will improve audio on the TM900 (as much as any on-camera mic can do at this price point). For serious professional work I use serious professional XLR capable cams, XLR mics and/or flash audio recorders. Maybe, just mabe, at NAB next week Panasonic will announce a Pro version of the TM900 with XLR to compete with Canon's XA10, JVC HM100 etc. Sort of like a revised HMC-40/41. Hope so! But it still won't hit your budget. By the way, fan noise has not at all been an issue for me on my TM900. Maybe I need to get my ears syringed out ;-)

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    Three TM900 test videos
    These videos illustrate various features of the TM900, including audio. In no cases was fan noise an issue, but then no videos were shot in a quiet studio. There is music: bagpipes, string quintet, soprano.

    The British museum video makes use of a polarizing filter to deal with the fact that most of the exhibited item are behind glass. The filter effectively removed glare and enabled the colors to come straight through. Also tricky mixed natural sunlight and indoor light combinations requiring use of manual WB.

    The videos also include: political protests, jugglers, videophotographers doing interviews (with quite different equipment); tourists on boats, buses and lions; champagne, mummies, indoor lighting, balloons, living statues in silver and gold, filming a music video.

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    Springtime Sunrise - In Ely (Panasonic TM900 & Canon 7D)
    My latest film. Shows the capabilities of the TM900 really well I hope. I used my Canon 7D and Canon 100mm Macro IS and Canon 70-200mm IS for the flower shots that top and tail this latest little ditty. The master looks lovely on my big monitors, stunning, razor sharp, but looses a little after YouTube compression...

    I'm still blown away by the capabilities of this tiny little TM900 and I think I'm pretty close to matching it well with my Sony EX3 (in good & studio light, in corporate work I'm doing at the moment) - but that cam took a rest for this little film.

    The 7D gives a different kind of look and capability, ideally suited for what I used it for in this, I think.

    It's great having different tools for different applications. I love 'em all!

    I hope you enjoy the film. More notes on the YouTube page.

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    Thanks Andy and all the other forum members who have posted about their experiences with the TM900. I have ordered one from B&H Photo Video. I also ordered the Rode Videomic Pro. I am very much looking forward to putting the camera through its paces and I will share my experiences.


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    Great combo Phil. I hope you have as much fun with it as I'm having with my TM900/Rode VMP. The TM900 has a wealth of features (some of which I've still to try) but the bottom line is it produces stunning images for its price point and size. I'm amazed more people don't know about it. Good luck and we all look forward to reading how you get on.

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    Hi All, I'm brand new to this site.
    Thanks for all the helpful info. The images look great.
    Can you tell me if the TM900 has a healthy set of manual controls. I was a professional cameraman many years ago. I read that the Panasonic TM700 has good manual controls and was wondering how the TM900 compares.
    Also please advise me on accessories. I'm thinking for instance a mini to XLR adaptor ( Beachtek? ) would be helpful. Do you agree and, if so, what others might be good?
    Finally are there similar cameras comparable to the TM900?
    Thanks everyone.

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    Hi, I'm also a brand new to this site.
    For 2 month I own a TM900 camera. I just sold my Sony VX200 with its Steady cam. I still own a much lesser Steady cam.
    I have been using the Tm900 for a 17 day cruise from Forth Lauderdale to Barcelona and I must say it fullfilled my expatiations.
    The small size, the ois and face recognition impressed on me. I have manage to make DVD:s to a quality that suits me. I done all my shootings at free hands so far, but I am going to use my monopod in the future.
    I have examples of my first shoting in Fort Lauderdale on youtube:
    and from from a church:
    Dont forget I'm shooting at free hand.

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