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    FILM SCORE COMPOSER for your Movie
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    Hi Guys,

    Name is Jonathan Wandag and I'm an L.A. based Film score composer. I've scored films such as KTOWN cowboys (best first feature for the L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival), Dragonboy (best in show at Academy of Arts SF award ceremony) and have scored countless projects for Patricio Ginelsa (directed the Black Eyed Peas music video, "Bebot" and the winner of the Grammy's "Project Rising Star") amongst other things.

    Currently I'm part of the Society of Lyricists and Composers under the tutelage of Christopher Farrel (composer for many indie feature films). I will also be spending scoring sessions with Alf Clausen (The simpsons) in February.

    I've been ghosting your forums for a bit and love the talent here! So much good work. I'm really a sucker for INDIE films! I'd like to be a part of it of course by enhancing your film through music, the way you want it. I know you directors and producers have to deal with a whole bunch of problems during pre, production and post so my goal is to NOT be part of that list of problems and help out as much as I could.

    My going rate is inexpensive but I'm effective... I'm also very flexible. =)

    If you want a sample of my music and film score, go here:


    OR, just click these links that correspond to what you're looking for:

    DRAGONBOY: trailer
    DRAGONBOY: short film (animated)
    MANIVORE ep2: webisode (features C.S. LEE from Dexter)
    MANIVORE ep1: webisode
    AEON FLUX: videogame cinematic
    PEPTO BISMOL: commercial
    PILSBURY: commercial
    KTOWN COWBOYS: short film (features Justin Chon from Twilight)
    BUTTERFLIES: documentary
    WATERFORD CRYSTALS: documentary
    LETTERS FROM GEORGE: short film

    I hope it's okay to link these and they comply with forum rules. If not, Moderator, feel free to edit. thanks!

    I look forward to working with you guys.


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    I sent you an Email.. Id love to get a reply via email as well.



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    Highly recommend!

    lol, I've credit with two of those projects you listed Jon!

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