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    New Bump Policy in Effect - Read Our Updated Guidelines Rev 3-27-17
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    REVISED MARCH 27, 2017. Bumps are strictly limited to once per seven (7) days. This means that if there has been NO ACTIVITY or posts in your thread for seven (7) days, then one bump is permitted. Exceptions: If there is a substantial change in price or description, you may update your thread as often as needed. PLEASE NOTE: the changes must be substantial. "Substantial" is defined as the percentage of the change in price, not the dollar amount. Anything less than 5% is suspect. If you are answering a post from another user in your thread about buying the item, you may do so without restriction. If you are seen to be trying to skirt the bumping rule, your access to the DVXUSER Marketplace may be suspended or revoked without warning.

    Please observe the purpose of this rule, and that is to be respectful and considerate to other users of the Marketplace. We reserve the right to delete any sales thread that does not meet both the substance as well as the spirit of our "no bump" rule.

    If a bump occurs in violation of this rule, the listing will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
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    Ladies and gentlemen…

    Read and understand the new Marketplace guidelines that prohibit "bumps" in threads. The only thread updates we will allow will be those that revise or change the description or reduce the price of the item for sale.

    I have been deleting posts up to this point, but from now on, listings will be locked or deleted.
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