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    Are you joking? BTW yes, we have "patent pending" status. To say our product looks like anyone else's product is completely false and amateurish. Please take no offense, but all these sliders are built off of industry standard designs. Not us or any other slider manufacturer has created this as an original concept; original designs of course, but not original concept. Other slider systems on the market, for the most part are made by IGUS style bearings. That is like saying that "the one company from Europe" producing sliders would have legal issues with everyone who makes these types of units for sale because they all seem to be using bearings or parts that are similar.

    Google linear motion systems or linear bearing shafts, etc and you'll see this is where we all got the concept from. Our design is unlike any other system. We have multiple parts of our carriage while the other company you mention has from what we see a full unibody construction. Our bearing housings are adjustable independently and are adjustably removable as well. Our legs and end caps are completely different and the way our system changes bowls, adapters, etc is completely different.

    About the only thing that is the same is they run on rails (which is common for standard bearings bought in a hardware store) and they are anodized black (which all production products seem to be). The shape of the carriage is different and the concepts are too. Making general blanket assumptions without purchasing and using a product is not the best thing to do, nor is it any of your business what are potential legal issues could be. ??

    Your comments if you think about them would assume that all manufacturers making lightweight riser plates, 15mm rail systems, etc, etc would all have legal issues with each other. The fact is the company you mention is a great company from what we understand. They seem to have great products and are doing great things for the industry. We have a completely different system which operates similarly since it runs on rails. There are, if you research several other companies offering this product. BTW, we manufacture all of our products inside the USA from USA manufacturers, etc.

    We take a great deal of pride in our product and it is selling to some top film studios, rental houses, etc and they all seem to love it.

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    What is your DVXuser rate for the 36"? And what additional cost should I anticipate for the stealth/silent mode bearing kit? (I can record sound separately, but I don't prefer to with the HPX170.)

    I'm also curious about the question of mounting to a tripod, whether this is possible. I'm gearing up for a shoot of a craft school, and I anticipate a lot of slider shots for reveals, etc.

    Looks wonderfully made. I didn't think I needed a slider until I saw yours.

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    Hi Eric:

    Also, what is the weight spec of the 36"?

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