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    Underwater settings for documentary
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    Does anyone use the HMC 151 for underwater documentary filming?

    What would be the best settings for this type of shooting?

    For example:
    1080 50i or 1080 25p
    or 720 50p?

    Any idea what they shoot in BBC's underwater documentaries.
    and what the HMC 150 can deliver.

    What shutter speed?

    any other settings for the scene files for deep diving without lights.
    In general low light and low contrast environment shooting moving fishes.

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    720p 60fps (50?), B-STR would be the ideal setting. If you don't have much light then you would not change the shutter speed from the default. Shuttering lower will give you more light but will blur your image... Might work in a pinch if what you are filming isn't moving, but it is not ideal.

    How would you be able to deep dive without lights? It seems like the bare minimum would be to take SOME sort of lights with you...

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    I'll second B-STR with cinelike colors-great combo underwater.
    I've user both 60p and 24p successfully. Are you using the equinox housing? The nice thing about it is it is so big yet nicely buoyant that in 24p you can some really amazing, smooth, film-like dollies. It is a bear to aim up and down though, but it will work if you manhandle from the bottom. 60p is really cool to have slow mo to get the movement of fish, and the rippling muscles of sharks.

    If you are shooting in clear water around noon, you should have no problems with light. It will of course be low contrast, but we did some filming without lights at about 120 ft on a reef wall and everything looked great.


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