I just received the new Cooke Panchro/i 18mm lens and decided to do a cool FoV chart for Cooke Panchro/i lenses.

I just set up a RedOneMX pointed outside my front door and rotated out all of the prime lenses. Using photoshop I did a cool little FoV chart using the images from the other focal lengths.

The overall image is from the new 18mm prime lens. This picture represents the Red 4k 16:9 Fov but not the full 4k resolution as it has been compressed from a png to jpg, so don't pixel peep.

We are getting a Cooke CXX zoom and some longer focal length S4's tomorrow for an upcoming commercial shoot, so I'm hoping to get some more tests in between now and then.

Here it is!

Cooke Panchro FoV.jpg

Get the big one here: http://www.RyanPatrickOHara.com/Cooke Panchro FoV.jpg