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    my $3.99 solution for smooth zooming on a VG-10
    Like many others, I've been frustrated in my attempts to zoom smoothly while shooting. Without engaging in the "do/don't zoom while shooting" debate...I admit to doing it on occasion...poorly.

    After tossing around different ideas, including tearing up an expensive follow focus ( no, I didn't...just thought about it), I decided on a low tech approach.

    $3.99 later, I had me a solution that actually works quite well.

    It began life as an oil filter wrench...For those of you who are Canadian...Princess Auto RULES!!!

    It simply slips over the end of the lens, and tightens around the zoom ring. I did add a thin strip of neoprene from an old mousepad to minimize the potential for scratching the lens body.

    It's a very simple design, and one that I think I'm going to Fool around with a bit and try to improve the interim, it works REALLY well..very smooth zooms....Finally...

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    I saw a DIY follow focus with a similar concept the other day. It's just an O clamp with a rod attached through it. Looks ugly, but very useful and cheap.
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    I like that a lot, but I have never seen one with threads like that? Would love to see actual footage.

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    I think it's a cheap, Chinese/Tiawanese gizmo....Princess Auto is kind of famous in Canada for this kind of thing. It'd be super easy to fabricate; it's just a 1/2 in. by 6in. bolt, a piece of metal strapping and a piece of moulded plastic. I had to leave early in the AM for a ten hour trip to go to a funeral. Back late Saturday, but I will shoot some footage and try and get it posted Sunday.

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    Sure would be nice if there was a way to get a motorized zoom. (ducks)

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