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    Canon XH-A1 -- 3 Batts, 4 Tapes, ALL original accessories! REDUCED!! $2,250 OBO
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    Hey guys!

    I can't believe I'm parting with my camera, but the time has come to upgrade. I've shot almost all of my projects with this camera and it's done me well for all of them; shorts, commercials, bands and other performances!

    Here I have my Canon XH-A1, bought from from here with less that 15 hours on the heads about a year and a half ago, now with only 50 hours on the heads...and with all of the original accessories down to the original box!!

    This was my first camera, so I've babied this so much; cleaned the lens and filter religiously before and after shoots, cleaned the tape deck every few shoots, has been kept in a camera bag whenever it wasn't in use, etc.

    The camera body is in beautiful condition, no dents or deep scratches, very well taken care of. I'll give it a nice thorough cleaning(if it even needs it) before sold.

    All buttons and switches are operational, the three lens rings (Focus, Zoom, and Iris) are fully operational!

    The microphone is fully operational as well.

    I've used primarily Sony Mini DV tapes in the camera and should continue to use them. Any time that I used an off-brand tape, I cleaned the heads before and after use.

    If you want to take a look at a complete list of technical specs, click the link:

    All of the accessories and such that come with the camera are pictured, but heres a list of items anyway:

    -3 Batteries (2 extra length, 1 regular length)

    -Wall Charger w/ DC coupler (plug camera directly into wall through charger)

    -HD Component Cables(Blue, green, red) for HDTV

    -SD RCA Cables for SD viewing and HD audio (connect both into HDTV to have both HD video and audio playing)

    -4 brand new unused tapes:
    -1 63 min. Sony HD tape
    -2 60 min. Sony Premium DVC tapes
    -1 60 min. Maxell DVC tape

    -1 Canon 16mb SD card loaded with 9 custom presets. (I use VIVIDRGB. Amazing.)

    -1 HOYA Pro1 Digital Filter/protector, perfect, crystal clear condition. Been on the lens since day one.

    -1 Canon Lens Hood

    -1 Canon Lens cap

    -1 Canon remote control

    -1 Canon Shoulder Strap

    The instruction manual is the only original out-of-the-box item MIA right now, only because it was in my bookshelf that we just disposed of and someone moved all of the books in it somewhere, so once I find that location, you'll have your manual. If for some reason I can't find it, you can download a PDF of the entire XH-A1 manual here:

    My price for the camera in $2,250 OR BEST OFFER. I would really like to sell the camera before the new year, so act fast!!

    As for payment, I'll take cash, money order, check, xD

    Shipping is perfectly alright, as long as you cover the expenses and local pick-up is always alright!

    If you are interested in the camera, reply here, PM me, e-mail me ( or call my cell: 267-229-2309.

    So take a look at the pictures:, let me know if you want to see any more pictures of the camera/accessories, and I hope to hear from you soon. I really want to give this camera to a good home!!

    Thank you!DSC_0046.jpgDSC_0054.jpg

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