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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuajay View Post
    Ok So I feel a bit stupid, especially having read the opening thread. But I think I might have bought a counterfeit or dud card as when I put it in my Panasonic Ag-Af100 it says check card and won't let me record. Is there something I am missing, or have I just bought a crappy card. I'm afraid it was off e-bay.... it did only cost me 25 (for 64gb).... and it's made by a brand I've never heard of Busbi, who I am now going to Google. Any help for this newcomer greatly appreciated.
    First up NEVER buy memory cards off e-bay. Known loads of ppl to come unstuck with that.

    Secondly I use Busbi cards all the time. They sell them at, but I don't have an af101 and I only ever use the 16gb cards on account of them being sdhc and not sdxc cards.

    Your card could be a fake. It's easy to put a sticker on there or it might just need reformatting if it is second hand.

    Have you tried it in a card reader on a PC or anything?



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    Howdy guys, hope everyone is well!

    I have a question here regarding a glitch in an SD Card.

    I was shooting on a 32GB, 400xSpeed Lexar Pro SD card in my AF100 the other day. I've probably used and formatted that card at least 3 or 4 times (always in the AF100)

    I was shooting a conversation that took place for about 45 minutes. About 30 minutes into it, the card glitched, lost audio for 1 frame and kept recording. I noticed this when I threw it into my editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 11) and it came in as two separate film strips.

    I was able to patch it together alright, but still this gives me pause on the issue of using the card again.

    What do you guys think? Just a bad card, used too many times? Should I throw it away, re-shoot something to test it or what?

    The shooting conditions were not at all harsh. In an air conditioned room on a tripod, no big deal. My camera's been to the beach before and on the ocean, but I am extremely careful with weather proofing it and protecting and cleaning it, so I don't think that is an issue (I've filmed a lot with it since the beach and ocean and have had no problems).

    This is the first glitch with the AF100 that I've experienced since owning it approximately 1 year.

    Thank you guys,

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    There was nothing wrong with your card and there was no glitch. If you import the footage through the device explorer, Vegas will know how to stitch the clips together seamlessly. The problem you ran into happens when you don't import the clips using the proper AVCHD import function.

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    Barry -

    Do you know how exactly to do this in Premiere Pro CS6 (Mac)? I've read your book & tried everything I can think of to get them seen as one unified clip but to no avail. I've tried dragging files into the project window - both from the finder and from the media browser... and have tried using file -> import as well... but have never gotten large takes like that to combine seamlessly. Thus I always end up patching them together & "covering" the edit as best I can.

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    I use the media browser on cs5 win. I dont have cs6 or the Mac, but I can't see why it would be different. Go to the media browser, navigate to the card, it should recognize the AVCHD structure and display a list of clip names and thumbnails. You shouldn't be able to see different halves of the clip, it should only present you with one combined clip.

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    Thank you, Barry, always a pleasure to have a direct response from you.

    Do you describe this method in your book? If so I'll just read it and follow your instructions. I remember you saying to import the entire card, and not just bits and pieces of it, to ensure integrity. Maybe I did that wrong this time. I've important several hours and hours of footage before and this is the first time something like this has happened.

    Thank you again,

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