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    HMC 150 Scene Files
    I am a relatively new owner to the HMC 150. I think it is a terrific value and would like to know the procedure on loading scene files from an SD card.
    I know that such files are downloadable from various sources but I have not tried it yet. I know to format an SD card on the camera before loading files.

    Perhaps one of you members out there, more knowledgeable about the various whistles and bells on this camera could provide some insight and perhaps a step by step procedure.
    Beaucoups thanks for any assistance you may offer

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    In this thread, a gentleman has collected a whole mess of scene files that can be imported into the HMC150 for different looks. I don't know the procedure but I am sure the answer is out there, search the forum!

    Have fun!

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    If you have the time... Play around with several settings and then try to create your own "scene" that matches your shooting behavier...

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