Don't know how popular this device is around these parts. Yet I purchased one of the Dolgin TC-40 battery chargers a few years ago and wanted to suggest it for any heavy shooters who may not be familiar with it.

If you shoot all your batts every day for several days in a row, it is indispensable.

Used to own just two of the little single battery chargers, which required that I sleep with them next to my hotel bed, wake in the middle of the night hoping to see the green light indicating that I could charge the next one. Now I pop in 4 at once and a single in the compact charger, and sleep all night.

The reason I thought to recommend this on this forum is adaptability. I purchased the TC-40 for my Panny HVX batteries. Just contacted Dolgin to ask if they could change the plate for the BP type Canon batts. "Send it in, pay $50", was Mr. Dolgin's rapid response.

Wish that every company made such good product and was so easy to deal with.