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    Ideas for Desert B-roll?
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    Hey guys, I'm going to shoot the Desert B-roll for Fathoms Deep tomorrow and the next day (Monday/Tuesday) and am searching for some unusual ideas.

    Here's what I'm hoping to get... please feel free to add or inspire. I'll post a link to the footage and possibly give creative credit in the film and imdb if there's some good suggestions.

    Obviously these are generic since you don't know the setup of the film but thats okay. I'm trying to set the tone for a really tense and ominous movie.


    1. Cactus shadow time lapse
    2. Sunset/Sunrise Time Lapse
    3. Close up on a still lizard head
    4. Rotting "For Sale" signs in front of all the abandoned houses
    5. Animals mixed in with the garbage and debris littering the landscape "A crow sitting on top of something Man-made and rotting"

    Cash walks down the steps and regards their surrounding in
    the light of day. Nothing around but desert for miles.
    What is this place Pox?
    Pox relaxes and looks out over the desert.
    It was supposed to be this huge
    retirement community and desert fun
    spot about 20 years ago. There was
    a large airforce base that kept a
    steady population of soldiers
    families around.
    Amber walks down the steps to check out the view.
    POX (CONTíD)
    There was a huge housing boom.
    Everything from mansions to sublets
    and rv parks went up. Then the
    airforce base got shut down.
    Thousands and thousands of homes
    went up for sale against the
    thousands that were being built.
    None of them sold. Why would
    anybody want to live out here if
    they werenít making a shi* ton of
    What happened to them?
    The city went into a economic
    crisis. The cost of living went
    through the floor be even then they
    couldnít fill the new houses with
    people so they started renting them
    out for dollars. Up come the
    illegals and the drug runners and
    all the other lowlifes and this
    place turned into a bedroom town
    overnight. They started digging up
    bodies out in the mojave and every
    legit homeowner in the area put a
    for sale sign in front of their
    house. Most didnít stick around to
    even try and sell. They headed for
    Palm Springs or Santa Monica or
    Vegas or wherever.

    Amber watches Pox tell the story.
    POX (CONTíD)
    You can drive any direction and
    still see the for sale signs in the
    front lawns. Ten years gone and all
    these houses get occupied by
    squatters and needle freaks. Itís
    perfect for housing misfits and
    stowaways like you two.
    You mean its the perfect place for
    people to disappear.
    Hicks and Cash look at each other uneasily.
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    Pre-Production on 3rd full length
    Sgblade 35mm adapter
    Pentax Lenses

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