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    Alternative Capture Method
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    I've been using my Canon XH-A1 for about a year and a half now and apart from some grain issues, I don't have many complaints. I would like to know if there are any alternative capture methods available for the camera.

    I heard about the Focus FireStore FS-C Portable Recorder and I thought it was great... Until I saw the price tag. I think $1300 for something that hold 60Gb isn't really that appealing to my wallet.

    But it got me thinking, what available options are available to the XH-A1? I know there's adobe OnLocation, which allows you to capture directly to your computer via Firewire, but that requires a laptop open at all times.

    Are there any alternatives to using the standard HDV tape and capturing into my NLE?


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    The only alternative options are those portable HDD or flashdrive recorder. And they start at $500 and up. None is a 100% reliable option because the A1 has a very vulnerable 4 pin FW port. It doesn't lock so the wire can slip out on the field, and even a slight knock can break the pins inside requiring costly repair. Not worth it.
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    Give a look at the AJA Ki Pro or the mini!
    We have two of the AJA Ki Pro and I would not miss them on a shoot.

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