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    Transfer Mini DV camcorder tapes to DVD - What settings
    I have some Mini DV camcorder tapes that I captured and edited using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 10. The clips are in AVI format now and I would like to render them at the highest quality possible to a DVD.

    Can someone suggest what format/settings to get this. I will be using a single sided DVD and length of the clips won't be an issue to fit on the DVD. I've done some reading elsewhere and came up with the following - "For DVD you want interlace 720x480i/29.97 lower field first MPeg2 at sufficient bit rate".

    Would this be the preferred way to do it?
    What bit rate should I set it too?
    For template is DVD NTSC the right one ( for U.S.), there are many choices in the templates.

    I will be viewing them on a 46 inch 1080i TV. The tapes were filmed in 4:3, should I leave them in 4:3?
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    You would use either NTSC DVD, or NTSC DVD Architect format if Studio has it.

    Whether or not you leave it at 4:3 is up to you. You'll keep the highest resolution if you do, though.


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    When I click on Project Properties for the DVD NTSC template, the default setting for deinterlace is Blend fields. Should I set it to None?

    What bit rate should I set it to? There is a setting for Max, Average, and Min.

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