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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Ott View Post
    I don't think this thread has aged well. I liked it ~5 years ago... but today? Today things look a whole lot different.

    Entry-level cameras look as good as pro cameras.
    $99 microphone ain't that bad.
    Steadicam operators? Who cares.
    Entry-level NLE not as good as FCP? No, they're just as good.
    Footage going to look like crap without real movie lights? No, your footage will be fine.

    Generally, I'm not sure what the point is of all this needless elitism. Beginners should get in over their heads, make mistakes, and learn from their mistakes over time.

    Recording audio and video of actors behaving is not very hard. Technical stuff should take about a year of study to reach intermediate skill level across all relevant domains.
    Pretty much nailed it. Only quibble I'd have - and it's just a small quibble - is about the lights... not so much that without lights it will look like crap necessarily always, just that lights expand your options and artistic control - but even this has to be qualified, after all, to some degree it's also an artistic choice and the look of an era - back in the 30's - 50's a different lighting look existed partially due to technical limitations, and partially established through tradition - in the 60's the look changed again, as it did in the 70's. Today, it would look very artificial if you lighted your production like they did in the 50's - unless you're making a point - and so fashion changes... less controlled light, more natural sources, more practicals, more sensitive cameras, faster production, music video-reality TV-run'n'gun docu look is far more accepted and no longer screaming "amateur" - the aesthetic is a lot more flexible.

    But, otherwise, yes, it's always - as ever - content over details of presentation, and the elitism sometimes exhibited on these boards is not just offputting but simply irrelevant - like an old man screaming for the kids to get off his lawn. The times are different. Talent matters. Technical facility is not the enemy, but it's not your boss either - what you have to say is so much more important than how you swing your camera. Nobody cares about your nattering on how it was back in the day when everyone knew how to expose for this or that or whatnot... because it's always the same story and has been from the beginning of film (or any human endeavor, really) - "you must know how to cut on film", "you must know x, y, and z" - get over it, nobody cares. Only one thing matters - can your film engage the audience. Full stop. Nothing more and nothing less. If you can do it with an iPhone and pocket recorder, doesn't matter - is it engaging? "But knowing all the technical stuff gives you more tools to express yourself" - maybe true, but just as often what you "know" can limit you and circumscribe you and narrow your horizons, and a kid with no preconceptions does things just because they didn't "know" "it couldn't be done".

    To all those "get off my lawn" "kids these days" and other elitist nonsense - get over yourself. Deliver results - any way you can, but make it good... that's all that matters. And no, you don't have to know how to do this amazing technical trick to show you're a "real pro" whatever LOL that means. Just deliver good stuff, and it has been done. If you can't, I guess you can always natter on about frame rates and whatnot.

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    Definitely on the same page. Cheers!
    "You'd better cure all those personal problems that might be holding back something you want to say." -John Cassavetes

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