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    Blender 2.53 Beta, finally a serious app
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    OK, I've gone back and fourth with Blender over a ong period.

    I remember in one thread (

    Based upon my own experiences I had put down Blender's UI in that thread.

    Little had I known that the Blender foundation had been working on this and as Triplej on that same thread had mentions Blender 2.5 had a completely new UI.

    In my affinity with all things open source, I decided to see the state of play with the latest beta version of blender (2.53 beta):

    I Was Blown Away

    For me the UI was the NUMBER 1 reason, why I had left in the past.

    Being a Max/Maya user (mostly Max) Blender seemed like a toy in the past.

    But Blender under the hood is a very, very serious 3d application. The UI has been Blender's real weakness.

    But things have changed, and the direction its heading is very, very promising.

    One thing that I really like (and this is from a programmers view), is the SIZE of the application.

    While Max and Maya can take up an entire DVD, blender is only around 10-20 MB, its extremely efficient.

    So Please, grab Blender now and a good tutorial and give it a spin:

    Random Tutorial:

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    From a productively point of view I'd say once you learn Blender's keyboard shortcuts, its probably 5-10x faster than Max or Maya in terms of modelling.

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    I think I'll give this a spin

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    Can Blender export proper data for cnc machining?


    Real men edit their films in a hex editor.

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    My brother has a company building him some rings and other metal parts, from files created in Blender.

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    I miss using Blender so much. I haven't had a need to use it since my first year of college.

    I discovered this application when I was in the 8th grade, I think. Absolutely amazing that such versatile software was free!

    Seriously one of the best freewares in the world, right up there with MPEG Streamclip.

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