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    Hello! Looks like I have the honor of the first post. Welcome to the one-stop forum for Raylight products and all other DVFilm products like DVFilm Epic, etc!

    The DVFilm staff (4 of us at the moment) will be checking this daily if you have any questions or comments.

    If you're looking for news, rumours or updates or think another user of our products could help with a problem this would be a great place to hang out.

    If you need urgent help probably the best thing to do is request support from our website or call us (see

    Thanks to DVXUSER for the opportunity to do this!
    DVFilm Raylight Decoder
    DVFilm Raylight Encoder Pro
    DVFilm Raylight X

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    Hi! Thanks! I just bought my Raylight Ultra software today! I am so excited for it! I tried the demo version and it was great for many of the clips but something went wrong with some of them. I'm not sure yet what the problem is but I'll be working on figuring that out soon. You guys are awesome!

    Edit: I figured out what went wrong...or at least how to fix it. Some of the files didn't convert properly but I put the original ones individually into the raymaker and it fixed the files.
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