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    Jupiter 3 (Kiev / Contax RF mount) Lens on GH1
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    Just wanted to share results of my small DIY adapter project. It's a Jupiter 3 50/1.5 lens with stepless aperture and round diaphragm, 12 blades I believe...

    The lens:

    Some test footage I made a few weeks ago and finally got time to put togeter:

    The lens is not particularly sharp, but I just love the results it produces on video.
    Still not sure if there is any use for aperture "pull" effect. GH1 seems to handle gradual change of aperture very well. The resulting footage becomes slightly over or under exposed, depending on the direction of aperture change, but this can be corrected in post. I'm thinking the resulting effect should be more pronounced on close focus subjects. Something I'm yet to experiment with...


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    Nice test mutabot - The Jupiter 3 is a classic lens.

    What adapter are you using to mount the Contax RF lenses? I'm interested in doing the same thing.

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    nice test, think i saw it a few months ago tho :o)

    i've a jupiter-9 85mm and i love the look and colour it gives straight out the camera but its like a tele on the GH1.

    the colouring on your test looks great, strong but muted colour to my eyes.

    do you think all russian lenses will this same colour rendering? i've recently been looking at this...

    MIR 20mm :o)

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