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    Guys, great work with the pannys GH1/GF1, but being a e-p1 user, I'm kinda biting my nails... How difficult/impossible would these requests be (say in another 6 months or so)?

    1. Manual exposure mode for video (i.e. manual shutter and manual ISO, my lenses have aperture rings)
    2. 24p


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    Any progress on this guys. I would put money towards this. To have IS on older lenses + some firmware hacks with video would be awesome.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fox_moudle View Post
    I am the one who leaked the CF version firmware files of E3 on the CHDK forum, if anyone who want the S******.BIN file to research, just tell me.

    Good luck!
    Hi! I need these files.


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    Many thanks to ai_torito for the work he has done- basically it seems he has opened up the camera to hacking, now people just need to start analyzing the firmware to find out what changes can be made. (I unfortunately have almost no programming experience.)

    One hack I would love to have is to re-assign the +/- button on the top. I think most people already adjust exposure compensation with the dials without needing that button, so it does nothing. Even to just magnify/un-magnify for MF lenses would be great.


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    I'll move all usable contents to soon.
    Consider this closed.


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