Hi i have been asked to film some videos for a local channel that will air through SKY in UK, what they have given me are 2 x Sony EX3.

Their broadcast standard is PAL 720x576 50i Upper-fields frst in 4x3 aspect ratio.

The Sony shoots either lower fields first or Progressive as far as i know, my question is what will serve better

1. 1920x1080 25p to 720x576 50i Upper-fiields first
2. 1920x1080 50i Lower fields first to 720x576 50i Upper-fiields first
3. 1280 x 720 50p to 720x576 50i Upper-fiields first

I will be using FCP7 for editing.

May end up doing final conversions using Adobe Media Encoder though ( because it some how works faster than Compressor )

I have a feeling i should shoot 1080 25p as from progressive to interlaced upperfield would transcode better than from interlaced lower fields first to upperfields... but i am not sure

Please advice as to what is better shooting 25p, 50i or 50p in this case, bare in mind they are not looking for filmic look per say, its pure tv like live events and docs etc.

What i am sure of is that for any green screen work i will stick to 1080 25p anyday. (wish ex3 did 1080 50p! though... a firmware upgrade maybe?? lol)