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    Family Video
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    I know, its not much in the way of a narrative film but hey, I've been on this forum longer than my niece has been on the planet. We're all family here, right?

    Cap'n Jolly Daryl Barbossa

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    I have no idea, but it's hot as hell.
    Thanks for sharing Chuck. Love this type of video as it's changing the landscape of family movies Just imagine being able to look back on this years from now and have such great quality of image to watch.

    Two critiques and really based on personal opinion: 1. A bit too dark for my taste. Would have liked a bit brighter. 2. I'm not a fan of cutting to beats. I like the image to run counter to the beat of a song when trying to connect emotionally.

    Again, nice stuff, just wanted to give a bit of feedback.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Looks like the Pacific Northwest, which makes me homesick.


    I know how to do it. You just wouldn't know it from the way that I do it.

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    Even though it's not a narrative I still enjoyed watching it. Very good footage. Very clean and vibrant. What lens did you shoot this with?

    To add to what Jason mentioned it's absolutely amazing how we can capture priceless moments with such high quality images/video nowadays. When I do have kids I will be able to document their lives as kids with amazing cameras and when they get older instead of telling them stories about great childhood moments I will be able to just show it to them. Amazing.

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    Enjoyed it.

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