Hi, returning to dvxuser after long time, missed the community a lot

We setting up a post-production house with 2-3 Mac Pro based editing workstations and an Imac for Motion-Graphics work

We need a central storage unit and Apple recommends this

16 TB Promise Vtrak E-Class for about $15k

It is way beyond our budget, as we need a lot more storage for 100s of hours of footage we would be acquiring.

We want to be able to edit footage from 35mb/s to max 100mb/s and e-sata should be fast enough for that. Units like HDone pro from Caldigit and G-Speed ES and G-Speed Es Pro from G-Tech look great but can we daisy-chain them and share them with 3-4 systems?

Can e-stata and mini-SAS be used with 3-4 systems simultaneously? How would we do this?

What options do we have other than fibre channel?